Time in the morning is a major part of a child’s and young adults life. They have to get up, eat breakfast and might have to catch the bus! With not having the child or young adult trying to decide what to wear, it saves them time plus the parents!!

Less distraction- Children and young adults stay focused in school because they aren’t worrying what their friends are wearing. Especially young girls in the schools because they will get easily jealous of their friends if they do not have the latest tend. Also the students will be more focused on learning instead of what they are wearing. Also helps stop with inappropriate coverage, such as halter tops, midriffs and short skirts and shorts with the young ladies. With young men, it helps with inappropriate slogans or vulgar language t-shirts.

Reduces fighting and violence- Having the uniform policy in public and private schools does help with children or young adults feeling objectionable to joining a gang or showing that they do belong to a gang.

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