Other educators, parents, and students are opposed to school uniforms and give reasons like the following:

  • Uniforms interfere with students’ rights for self-expression.
  • Uniforms are an unnecessary expense and can create an economic hardship themselves.
  • Uniforms are an unnecessary exertion of power by administrators who don’t know how to exercise responsible authority.
  • The wearing of uniforms does not prevent the formation of cliques or gangs.
  • The wearing of uniforms does not prevent students from expressing unpopular or inappropriate views in other ways.
  • School uniforms can be ugly and/or unflattering, and having to wear something unattractive or unflattering is not good for students’ self-image.
  • The wearing of uniforms my delay or prevent students from having to learn how to get alongside of people whose personal taste differs markedly from their own and which they may find unappealing.
  • The wearing of school uniforms may give students the impression that conformity is the way to prevent conflict, and this is not an appropriate message for schools to send.



Causes Discipline Problems:

Some students reject any rules. Forcing them to wear school uniforms only aggravates their rebelious spirit. They alter their school uniform by tightening, widening, shortening, or lengthening them, and teachers are given the impossible task of policing the students on a daily basis.


Critics argue that different types of clothing feel comfortable to different people. Some children are more comfortable in a specific material or style of clothing. Uniforms reduce one’s ability to choose clothing that fits individual comfort needs. Experts believe that children need to feel comfortable in order to maximize learning, and that uniforms can therefore deter academic success.