The news article explains how many schools in New Jersey have decided to have school uniforms in public schools!

Educators, parents, and students site many reasons in favor of school uniforms:

  • School administrators face a complicated task setting a dress code: with inappropriate coverage (for example, strapless, halter, and midriff tops and too-short skirts and shorts) and inappropriate insignia (for example, slogans for alcohol and cigarettes and clothing with vulgar language or representing otherwise objectionable connections, such as gang membership), it may be easier to have a uniform than to detail and enforce independently chosen clothing.
  • Dress code aside, the interest in fashion and fad combined with peer pressure can lead to pressure to spend money that some families can ill afford: school uniforms refocus this issue.
  • Wearing of school uniforms prevents the formation of dress-identified cliques
  • The wearing of school uniforms emphasizes membership and group identity, fostering a community spirit.
  • Crimes involving stealing items of apparel are unlikely to be perpetrated if everyone’s apparel is identical.
  • Because students can be easily identified, intruders in the school setting can be more readily identified and students on field trips are more easily accounted for.
  • The wearing of school uniforms helps students to realize that a person’s unique gifts and personality traits go deeper than their apparel and aren’t diminished by uniform dress.

This website has a fashion consultant, Dianne Daniels, explains how you can still have your personality show even if you are wearing a uniform!